Dick Robinson´s American Standards by the Sea

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The Original GAS Station

Listen to the Michael Rose theme written for Dick Robinson.

Dick Robinson Jingle - Michael Rose Orchestra & The Rosebuds

Listen to the Great American Songbook
Hear the best in music always
M-U-S-I-C, no N-O-I-S-E
Keely, Bennett, Sinatra, and Basie
All the way from L.A. to D.C.
The best in radio - it's the Dick Robinson Show

Listen to Keely Smith's jingle written specially for Dick's show.

Music by the Sea - Keely Smith and Family

By the sea, by the sea, it's Music by the Sea
Listen to Dick Robinson's Music by the Sea
You and me, you and me - Oh how happy we will be
You will love Dick Robinson's Music by the Sea

He'll tuck all your cares away and
Make you feel like it's Christmas every day
Everybody - by the sea, by the sea - It's Music by the Sea
Tune in to Dick Robinson, you will love Dick Robinson
Listen to Dick Robinson's music
By the sea, by the sea - it's Music by the Sea

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